Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Me and Brian's Wheel House

I moved in with Brian a month ago. He is the guy with the Dew Fridge post i had up a bunch of post ago. Well we got some new kicks. 

Dani's Fridge, Denver

Dani is a Graphic Designer friend of a friend from Denver. She went to the same art school as me and has has a narly Dunny collection.

Dukes, Kristi and Titus fridge, Boston

I work with Dukes and Titus, and Kristi works across the hallway. They all live together in South Boston and kick it. 

Kenji's studio fridge Boston

Kenji is cool chill guy. He works at Converse has a awesome studio in South Boston. Hung out with him and checked out his work. He claims he makes his custom brushes from catching squirrels and skinning them. Don't know if i should believe him.

Pilot Fridge Part 2

Oh man, me and Oz ( dude on the right) met this dude in the bathroom of the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel in Vegas. He kept on spilling his guts about how much it sucks to be a nude model. Came down to it the dude was a complete Jersey douche bag, so i took a pic of him with Oz. pretty much his face explains it all.