Monday, January 14, 2008

Kim's East Side Fridge

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When you buy an old home, you’re never fully prepared for what you’ll inherit. In our ‘38 tudor on the eastside, the kitchen — a victim of ‘80s interior design — strangely includes this 2001 GE fridge. Getting to the goods is sort of like playing that game Hungry Hungry Hippos: It’s just a matter a seconds before the door slams shut on you. The jury’s out on the much-touted adjustable drawers: Flexibility is nice, sure; but if you stand up quickly as the door’s closing in, you risk dislodging a shelf — and winding up with four cracked eggs and a shattered bottle of Labatt’s. (Expletives were uttered.)

However, when it comes to refrigeration matters, I can’t complain. From the fixin’s for my every-day-the-same pita wraps to a few adventurous picks from World Market (Chipotle Ale? What was I thinking?), ol’ GE delivers. And, despite the chill, Underwear Bear really loves it, too (could be the PBR). So here’s to you, ya frosty behemoth, you.

- Kim Kovelle

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