Tuesday, January 15, 2008

William The "Fridge" Perry

William "The Fridge" Perry gained international notoriety his rookie year in the NFL with the Chicago Bears. As a first round draft pick in the 1985 draft, expectations were high that William would develop into a premier defensive lineman. Not only did he become a pro-bowl lineman on defense, but in a surprise move, Coach Ditka called on him for help on offense.

The nation went crazy as William was called in to run the ball from short yardage during Super Bowl XX. He barreled through the line, into the end zone and into the hearts of millions. Legions of fan's affectionately referred to him as, 'the Refrigerator' or 'the Fridge' for short.

Through that almost perfect 16-1 rookie season, his 9 year NFL career, and now eight years in retirement, The Fridge has maintained his status as one of football's most beloved big-men. His Super Bowl ring remains the largest ever made and his popularity continues to grow


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